General terms and conditions

Aan Noordzee is affiliated with the Recron. If you make a reservation with us, the following conditions apply:

In connection with the special nature, the facilities and the method of reception, always make a reservation in advance by telephone/ e-mail or via our “search and book” on the website. A booking is valid and binding after it has been confirmed by us by e-mail or in writing. When making a booking, you enter into a payment obligation.

Payments after confirmation 15%, 2 months before arrival 42,5% and 1 month before arrival the rest. When booking within 5 weeks before arrival: Payment immediately after confirmation.

To be insured against unexpected happenings, we recommend you book our cancellation insurance directly when you make your booking. Participation in the cancellation insurance is entirely without obligation and can only be concluded at the same time as booking. The costs are only 7% of the rent. There are no administration costs involved. When taking part in the cancellation insurance, the full rental sum paid in advance (excl. cancellation insurance costs) will be refunded to you if the main person or one of the co-travellers is confronted with one of the events listed below: - Death, sudden illness or accident. - In the event of early termination of the holiday due to the death of a family member in the first or second degree. - In the event of early termination of the holiday due to fire, storm damage or lightning strike to the house or contents. - Involuntary unemployment of the main person, arising after the conclusion of the reservation. - Emergency relocation due to medical reasons, renovation or change of job.

Other events not mentioned by name do not qualify for payment by the cancellation insurance. A claim under the cancellation insurance must be made in writing and accompanied by a statement from a third party with evidence of the reason invoked.

The cancellation insurance is valid from the date of participation until the day of departure. In the event of early cancellation of the holiday for one of the above reasons, a percentage of the total rental sum (less cancellation insurance costs) will be refunded in proportion to the number of days of holiday not taken. This is calculated from the day that the rented object is delivered free.

For cancellations of reservations without cancellation insurance the Recron conditions apply. Below is the cancellation table:
- Cancellation > 3 months before arrival 15%.

- Cancellation 3-2 months prior to arrival 50%.
- Cancellation 2-1 months prior to arrival 75%.
- Cancellation < 1 month before arrival 90%.
- Cancellation on day of  arrival 100%.

Rest between 22.00 - 08.00 hrs.

Groups and young people without parental supervision are not admitted. If they do make a reservation, they risk not being admitted on arrival without refund or being removed during the stay.

Please always park in the nearby parking spaces

Renting out to third parties is not allowed

Drones are not allowed

Never feed animals, this will cause serious nuisance

Pets (max. 2) are welcome, provided they are mentioned at the reservation, no nuisance and are on a leash. Droppings must be cleaned up everywhere and at all times, including in the verges. Please take your pet outside the grounds and never leave your pet alone in a holiday home, tent, caravan or bathroom. It is not allowed to wash your pet in the shower.

It is not allowed to charge an electric car on a camping pitch or near a holiday home. There is a charging station for electric cars at the campsite which you can use.

At our facilities, the normal social rules and manners apply. Please respect each other’s opinion. Be considerate of your neighbours

Open fire (fire basket and campfire) and fireworks are not permitted. Barbecuing is allowed as long as you keep sand/water with it.

Keep the grounds clean. Please dispose of your rubbish in the containers, paper and glass separately.

Aan Noordzee/Brouwer BV reserves the right to refuse guests, without giving reasons.

The following applies to the campsite pitches:

On the campsite you should only use the electricity connection of your own bathroom (above your outside tap) and never that of your neighbours.

n addition to your own camping equipment, a small tent for your children of max. 6m2 is allowed on the campsite free of charge, provided it fits on the pitch. For larger tents or other extra camping equipment you have to rent an extra pitch.

Grass killing materials/tape/root matting etc. are not permitted outside your awning

Lending your caravan or tent to relatives in the first degree is permitted for a maximum of 4 weeks, provided that you give us prior notice.

We do not have disposal facilities, please bring your own.