General terms and conditions

Because of the special character, the facilities and the way of reception, always book in advance by phone/e-mail or via our “search and book” on the website. Bookings are valid and binding after they have been confirmed by us by e mail or in writing. When making a booking you enter into a payment obligation.

If you leave a pitch or holiday home empty prematurely or do not occupy it, the rights to it will lapse and no refund will be given, provided that you have taken out cancellation insurance at the time of booking and that the cancellation meets the conditions.

On the campsite you only use the electricity connection of your own bathroom (above your outdoor tap) and never that of your neighbours.

An extra tent of max. 6m2 is allowed on the campsite free of charge, provided it also fits on the pitch. For larger tents, an extra camping spot must be rented.

Please use only gas heating to heat your caravan/tent. This applies in particular to seasonal arrangements.

It is not allowed to charge an electric car on a camping pitch or near a holiday home.

Drones are not allowed.

Never feed animals, this will cause serious nuisance.

Please use only permeable grass outside your awning.

It is not permitted to dig on the grounds, cut down trees, install (semi) permanent fences or fences, or construct buildings or other facilities of any kind at, on, under (in the case of camping equipment) or around the pitch or holiday home.

It is not permitted to lay paving > 1.5 m2 on the campsite.

Groups and young people without parental supervision are not allowed. If they do make a reservation, they run the risk of not being admitted on arrival or of being removed during the stay without any refund. 

Rental to third parties is not allowed.

The number of persons in connection with determining park charges (tourist tax) applies that regardless of age, including babies, at least one night is present.

Payments after confirmation 10%, 2 months before arrival 45% and 1 month before arrival the remainder. When booking within 5 weeks before arrival: Payment immediately after confirmation.

Cancellation insurance can be taken out directly with your booking. Against accidents, illness, death of yourself, fellow travelers or family in the first degree. See the detailed terms and conditions at the bottom of the website under Cancellation terms and conditions.

Brouwer BV. Brouwer BV. /At Noordzee/ Aan Veluwe is not liable for: damage, injury caused as a result of staying on its premises or using the facilities available; nor for damage claims arising from nuisance caused by third parties, dysfunction and/or the lack of use of facilities / facilities. All this without prejudice to the provisions of the law.

Wifitenne provides wifi at AanNoordzee/Aan Veluwe. You can buy a code for this at Aan Noordzee/Aan Veluwe. Atmospheric factors can negatively influence the quality. In the event of a malfunction of any kind, please contact the Wifitenne helpdesk. The network is not suitable for online computer games or heavy data traffic. The quality of your laptop/smartphone also influences the quality of the wifi connection.

In connection with child friendliness and tranquillity at the campsite and bungalow park you should always park on the nearby parking strips.

Pets are welcome, provided they are not inconvenienced and kept on a leash. Faeces must be cleaned up at all times and everywhere, even from roadsides. Leave your pet outside the grounds and never leave it alone in a holiday home, tent, caravan or bathroom.

Our facilities are subject to normal social/social rules and etiquette. Please take your neighbours into account.

Noordzee/Brouwer BV reserves the right to refuse guests, without giving reasons.

Open fire (fire basket and campfire) is not allowed. Bbq is allowed provided you keep sand/water with it.