Sunshine and dunes in the sunniest spot in the Netherlands

The Dutch coast attracts visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. And when you visit Aan Noordzee, you will understand why. The nature reserve ‘Het Zwanenwater’ and the quaint town of Callantsoog are close by. This is a beautiful place for hikers. Cyclists will find a network of calm, paved bicycle paths. There is no shortage of outdoor excitement.

Clean beach, clean water, clean air

The beach at Sint Maartenszee is declared one of the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands. The “blue flag” has been flying here for many years: a guarantee for clean water for swimming, a clean beach, and excellent family friendly facilities. The coast guard watch over everyone’s safety and during low tide the beach is vaster than vast.

When on leash, the dog can join you in the dunes and on the beach between the hours of 7:00PM and 9:00AM. Sint Maartenszee also has a beach for naturists, 800 meters to the north from beach entrance North.

Beach pavilions

The wide beach offers two beach pavilions where you can try a local beer or order a tasty dish. You can also rent beach beds, beach chairs, and windscreens. “Our” beach offers everything you may need for a long relaxing day on the beach.


The Dunes of North Holland

Fancy a little more action? This is where the dunes at Camperduin and Schoorl come in: Holland’s largest dune area with the highest dunes and plenty of space to take in the fresh air. More than 60 kilometers of hiking trails take you to the highest dunes, the oldest forests, or the gentle lapping surf.

Nature at its purest

A hundred years ago, the sand of the dunes was kept in place by planting trees. Nowadays, the sand of the dunes is free to drift anywhere it wants. De Kerf is a good example, where the water from the North Sea has free access to the dune valleys during spring tides and north-western storms. Allowing nature to exist in its pure state leads to stunning results. Thanks to the salty seawater, plants such as Salicornia, Cakile, and Triglochin Maritima were able to return to this area, followed by birds and dune lizards - which resulted in an additional beautiful nature reserve in the North Holland dunes.

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